Passionate and Dedicated Educators

Whether teaching or in the office, the dedicated staff at Patrician Brothers are part of a system committed to transforming the lives of every student, every day!

Our teaching staff regularly undertake professional learning to assist in developing innovative teaching practices and improve learning outcomes for all students.

If you wish to speak with a member of staff please contact Patrician Brothers weekdays on 02 8811 0300 or use our contact form.

Leadership 3


College Leadership Team

Principal Leader Frank Chiment
Assistant Principal Pastoral Care Brian Edmonds
Assistant Principal Learning, Teaching & Innovation Cathy Molloy
Dean of Religious Education & Mission Victor Hunt
Dean of Studies Danuta Paton
Dean of Organisation & Culture Heath Borg
Business Manager Jocelyn Palmer


Leaders of Learning - Faculty Team

Religious Education Victor Hunt
English Zorica Bicanic
Assistant English Brittany Tynan
Mathematics Denise Arnold
Assistant Mathematics Bianka Rubelj (Acting 2021)
Science Jake Webster
Assistant Science Angela Pham
HSIE David Walker (Acting Terms 3/4)
Assistant HSIE Charmaine Castellino (Acting Terms 3/4)
PD/H/PE Scott Durham
TAS Anthony Hrvatin (Acting 2021)
Hospitality/Food Technology Krista Erenavula
Vocational Education Tess McGlenchy
Languages Aislinn Cook
Creative Arts/Performing Arts Gretel Collison


Student Formation Leaders - Pastoral Team

Year 7 Student Formation Leader Jacqueline Mercieca
Year 8 Student Formation Leader Irene Netos
Year 9 Student Formation Leader Adnan Saleh (Acting 2021)
Year 10 Student Formation Leader Dominic Williams
Year 11 Student Formation Leader Dominic Cullen
Year 12 Student Formation Leader Denise Grzelj
College Counsellor Miguel Hollero


Diverse Learning Leaders

Years 10-12 Denise Grzelj
Years 7-9 Melissa Scalone


Staff with Special Responsibility

Resource Centre Leaders Marie Lane & Stephanie Hunt

Teacher In Charge - Careers

Marie Lane & Stephanie Hunt
Teacher in Charge - SRE Program Anthony Silvestrini
Liturgy Leader Greg Beacroft
Community Development Officer Greg Beacroft
Professional Learning & Accreditation Officer  Craig Beacroft
Professional Learning & Accreditation Officer Melanie Gearing
MCS Sport Leader Noah Meares
Internal Sport & Co-curricular Leader
Noah Meares (Acting 2021)
Teacher in Charge – Justice and Peace
Jaimee Bocasan
Cultural Engagement Kathy Plumridge, Alan Niulesa & John Cinya